Cracked Feet: DIY Feet Repair

Do you have a dry cracked foot problem? You already have something to fix those crusty heels if you are a Happily Naturally Me customer. Break out your products and do this DIY feet repair:

1. Clean your feet with your favorite Happily Naturally Me Shea Butter Soap.

2. Remove as much dead skin as you can with a pumice stone or what ever contraption you use for your feet. If you donā€™t have anything, a bottle cap will do the trick. Trust me it works šŸ˜‰

3. Dry your feet, but not too much because you want them to be damp.

4. Apply a nice amount of your favorite Happily Naturally Me Whipped Shea Butter to your feet. Put an extra amount on those problem areas.

5.Wrap your feet in plastic wrap. Yes I said plastic wrap like the kind you use to wrap your food.

6. Put some socks on over the plastic wrap and leave on over night while you sleep.

7. Unwrap your feet once you get up and see the difference. Do this at least 3 more time or until you get the desired results you want.

Your feet will thank you

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