DIY Beauty: Rice Hair Growth Rinse

Who would have ever thought rice water could promote hair growth?  It is super easy to make and all you have to do is add it into your routine.  My hair feels so soft each time I do it.  So how does rice grow your hair?  Well here are a few key nutrients Rice Water contains: Selenium, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Thiamine, Niacin, B1-B6, Vitamin B, Vitamin K and so many more things to help promote hair growth.


1 cup organic rice

2 cups distilled water or whatever water your prefer.


Let rice and water fermented (sit in a bowl or cup) for 12-24 hours before use.

Strain rice from the water and discard rice.

Wash hair as normal with shampoo.  Apply rice water to your hair and let sit 30 minutes while hair is wrapped in plastic cap.  If you have a hooded dryer it can only help, but not necessary to get the benefits of the Rice Water Hair Growth Rinse.

Rinse hair thoroughly and style as normal.  I still use my leave in conditioner after rinsing or if you do not use a leave in, do your normal condition before using the Rice Water Hair Growth Rinse.  You will most defiantly notice a big difference in your hair.

Super easy and inexpensive!!!!


Stretch Marks: The Key is Prevention

Most of us have them and none of us want them. Whether dark or light those imperfections in our skin are there to stay for the most part. Stretch marks are very hard to get rid of and that is why prevention is key to dealing with them. Before you can learn how to prevent stretch marks, you need to first understand how you get them in the first place. So what are stretch marks anyway? To keep it simple, they are just tears in the layers of skin. They are a result of you growing faster than the skin can stretch.

Stretch Marks 3

Pregnancy is the biggest culprit of stretch marks developing because we pack on the pounds very rapidly to bring that bundle of joy into the world. If you just happen to be one of the ones that don’t gain much weight, your stomach is still stretching to carry the baby growing inside and yes I fall into that category. My stomach was hard like a basketball and I knew I needed to keep my body hydrated and moisturized at all times. This was prior to my knowledge of the benefits of shea butter and the science of my skin expanding. I just knew I didn’t want stretch marks so I was slathering on the cocoa butter. It just so happened I was drinking tones of water because certain juices tasted weird during my pregnancy and I was staying away from all soda.

Now that I am way more educated on keeping my skin healthy I look back and realized I was doing the right things. Although cocoa butter is an amazing butter to use, I know now shea butter is more superior because of the extra healing properties it has compared to cocoa butter. Throughout my pregnancy I only developed one stretch mark and I attribute that to me leaving my belly ring in. The stretch mark is right wear the extended plastic belly ring was located, but has since faded drastically.

Stretch Mark 1

So when you know your body is about to go thru a dramatic change, you want to start getting your skin ready sooner rather than later. Unrefined shea butter and cocoa butter are packed full of nutrients that improve the elasticity of your skin and boost collagen levels. This is what makes your skin more stretchy and drastically reduces the chances of it tearing. If you happen to already have stretch marks, don’t get all depressed about them; with the right skin nourishment, you can improve the appearance overtime by repairing your skin.

Happily Naturally Me’s Whipped Shea Butter works wonders for prevention and the fading of stretch marks. My stretch marks from growing into my teenage body are barely visible since I started my natural skin care journey about four years ago.

Thigh Stretch Marks

Happily Naturally Me has just what you need to better your skin. Your skin is the biggest organ you have and you need to give it nutrients. The sooner you start taking care of your skin the better it will be in the future. Preserve your natural beauty with natural products.