DIY Fade Away Scrub

Turmeric is one of my favorite straight from the kitchen ingredient when I have dark spots. It’s usually because I couldn’t help myself from popping a pimple. Now I want you to try out this amazing DIY Fade Away Scrub made with 3 simple ingredients.


  • 1 Tablespoon of baking soda
  • Sprinkle of turmeric (Don’t use too much or you will turn your face orange.)
  • A squeeze of fresh lemon juice to create a paste


First, you will want to wash your face with our Happily Naturally Me Olive Oil Soap or Unscented Shea Butter Soap. It is highly recommended you use a glass bowl to mix your ingredients so you do not stain your plastic containers. Combine your ingredients in the order they are listed and remember to go light on the turmeric. You will slowly add in the lemon juice until a paste is formed. Don’t worry about the bubbles.

Once your turmeric and baking soda scrub is made, you will want to gently massage it into your face to exfoliate the dead stuff away. Be sure to use gloves to help protect your manicure from turning orange. The turmeric and lemon will help fade away those dark spots with continuous use. Let the mixture stay on your face for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Make sure you remove all of the residues and apply a moisturizer.

After one application you will discover a noticeable difference in the glow of your skin. Be sure to use this mixture 2-3 times per week until desired results are achieved. Oh, and of course you can use this as a spot treatment if you prefer.

As always be responsible when creating or applying DIY recipes. Use this at your own risk and don’t forget to come back and let us know how you make out.

Cracked Feet: DIY Feet Repair

Do you have a dry cracked foot problem? You already have something to fix those crusty heels if you are a Happily Naturally Me customer. Break out your products and do this DIY feet repair:

1. Clean your feet with your favorite Happily Naturally Me Shea Butter Soap.

2. Remove as much dead skin as you can with a pumice stone or what ever contraption you use for your feet. If you don’t have anything, a bottle cap will do the trick. Trust me it works 😉

3. Dry your feet, but not too much because you want them to be damp.

4. Apply a nice amount of your favorite Happily Naturally Me Whipped Shea Butter to your feet. Put an extra amount on those problem areas.

5.Wrap your feet in plastic wrap. Yes I said plastic wrap like the kind you use to wrap your food.

6. Put some socks on over the plastic wrap and leave on over night while you sleep.

7. Unwrap your feet once you get up and see the difference. Do this at least 3 more time or until you get the desired results you want.

Your feet will thank you

Whipped Shea Butter in Orange Blossom

Fight Eczema

Whether it is you or your children, the battle with eczema can be very frustrating. I know this because I use to be a frustrated mom dealing with my infant son and his eczema issues. I felt like such a horrible mother because his skin was always red and inflamed. My poor baby was so uncomfortable and I couldn’t figure out what to do. 

I remember taking him to get pictures around 5 months and I didn’t want to do the diaper only photos because his skin was so discolored. His body was literally 2 different colors and I felt ashamed. I tried everything the doctors prescribed even covered him in Crisco. Yeah that didn’t work either, but I was desperate for a solution to his skin issue. I laugh at it now because the doctor told me to try it.

This is where me being stubborn came into play. I started doing my research on the condition to educate myself and this is how Happily Naturally Me was born. It started with me creating a product to combat his eczema and I had succeeded. No more steroids and crappy medicine from the doctor that didn’t work. This mom had figured out a natural solution that has worked perfectly. My son is now 8 and you would never even know he had eczema. So to the parents with children suffering here is how I made my son’s eczema nonexistent:

  1. Stay a way from things with synthetic fragrance. Laundry detergent, soaps, lotions etc. That includes you as well mom and dad because your baby is always laying on you. Happily Naturally Me’s Whipped Shea Butter and Shea Butter Soap was created for this reason, but it isn’t the only benefit. Raw ingredients are used to make both so no watered down supermarket products.
  2. Make sure you are applying your moisturizer right after bathing. Happily Naturally Me’s Whipped Shea Butter acts as a sealant to keep the moisture in. Raw unrefined Shea Butter penetrates all 7 layers of your skin and that is why it is so AWESOME unlike other moisturizers.
  3. Be mindful of the things your baby is eating because sometimes that can also cause flare ups. Your gut health is connected to your skin health. If you breast feed be mindful of this. It might help to keep a diary of what you are consuming and document flare ups. 

So there you have it. Start implementing these things and see what happens. I am by no means a doctor so this is not medical advice. This is my story of how we resolved the eczema problem in our household. Try our Whipped Shea Butter today by getting a complimentary sample pack. Click Here

DIY Beauty-Grapefruit Face Scrub

Grapefruit has great skin benefits from the peel to the actual fruit. It increase the pH of the skin, which can help reduce acne. Give your face a nice dose of vitamin C with this DIY Grapefruit Face Scrub

2 table spoons of sugar
1 grapefruit slither
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
Instructions: Combine sugar and grapefruit until grapefruit is completely mashed and you have a nice mixture of sugar and grapefruit. Next mix in olive oil and scrub your face.  Leave on for 3-5 minutes and make sure your do not get mixture in your eyes.  It does taste good enough to eat.  Discard remaining mixture once done.